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I just feel that as a writer, sometimes I come to the point where I have consumed too much and not put out enough of my own creativity. I find that this happens with books, too. I sometimes become a glutton for information and find myself needing to step back and draw from inside myself to create some nice words of my own. Or in the case of the over-indulgence on DIY/home decor/foodie blogs, actually do some of my own projects, cook my own goodness from scratch. And, that usually requires stepping away from the computer. I doesn't mean I don't want to read blogs anymore, just that I need balance.


I agree with Rebecca, I think it's all about balance. Being part of the 'home business' culture... it's kind of a way for me to keep in touch with friends I've made via blogging...

And I agree too that it's kind of overload at times, all the blogs all the information, all the posting, at times it feels like nonsense. I'd rather be sitting on my front porch sipping iced tea, flipping through a magazine... but the weather isn't nice enough for that yet. :p

Last year I accidentally deleted my 'google account' which meant I lost my blog in the process. For a while, I decided that I didn't really *need* a blog, but then I missed having one. Even now, almost a year later, I am still not sure I need a blog, and I am still trying to doctor it up or find my way with it, I think that's normal for some of us... what is the point???

For me, the point, I realized, was that I'd made a few friends, that I may never meet in real life, but I get joy from reading their posts... most of them are people who blog about the real makings and doings of their lives, rather than something that looks from a magazine. {mixed with a bit of random promotion of themselves and others}... Balance on the computer, balance away from it.

We have access to so much information now, it's easy to get sucked in... Definitely it is time for society to take a step back. I still don't have a fancy phone, and I do all my tweeting from my computer. I'm not on facebook... I just don't feel like I need to be 'that' connected, and I also don't find social networking in that fashion appropriate for my business, however... there isn't anything wrong with having an online persona that goes along with the business you run. I like getting to know people aside from their Etsy shops for example, and I find blogging a safe place to do that.

I guess this subject hits home for me too... sorry to be so long winded, but I could go on and on about it... :)

Jenni @ JARFLY

I agree completely, balance is so important for life. Online friends have played a big part in encouraging me and mentoring me in a way...to be better. Will always love the blog world...think I'm the type of person who will always need time to step away, refresh, and then redesign my thoughts. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

Jenni @ JARFLY

So true friend! I'm the same way...sometimes reading too many lovely blog posts makes me feel overwhelmed at what I'm capable of actually creating...so stepping away and finding my own creation time really helps off set that tensity in my mind. And helps me appreciate my own/others projects so much more. I think humans were designed to be useful and active...so too much time at the computer can cause some stress that way :)

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