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Amen to this post! I'm still trying to find the inspiration for mine. Sometimes I don't let it bother me that I haven't embraced blogging {yet} but I really want to be one of those bloggers with beautiful things to say and share... maybe I should take a course!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic and being so real about it. I can completely relate. ♥


Hi Jenni! Thanks for your comment - it's so great to read about your BYW experience! It just so happened that BYW fell in just about the busiest time of the year for me so I fell so behind! But I'm catching up now - I love your blog! It looks like we are both fans of the watercolor inspired look. Definitely keep blogging, lady, you have something to say and I can't wait to follow along!

Jenni @ JARFLY

It's the goddess of soap! I took a look at your etsy store the other day...looking quite fab I have to say :)

Jenni @ JARFLY

Thanks Kira! Yes, love the look of your blog...I thought the same thing..."well this gal loves to paint too...." ;) I'm playing catch up myself this week...I'm so glad they leave the content up for a month or so after class ends!


What a nice post Jenni. And your photo's are lovely. They by itself already tell a story. I'm going to have a look at a few of your other posts now :-)



Hi Jenni,
Saw your comment about gnomes on Holly's latest podcast and thought I'd pop by ;)
You have a beautiful writing style and I really feel you get across the person you are as you write too which isn't always as easy as it at first appears.
I agree with everything you shared here about Blogging your way & I'm going to have a further explore of your blog now,
fairy dusted wishes kat x (in England)

Jenni @ JARFLY

Kat, Thank you so much for the kind words...I stopped by your blog it's beautiful as well :)

Jenni @ JARFLY

30's, thank you dearly!

caroline @trend-daily

Great post Jenni. I love your blog header! Look forward to reading more (when I'm not trying to catch up with BYW2!) :-) caroline


I enjoy the artsy look of your blog. We are all moving forward with a little more confidence and purpose after the BYW class. see you, Elaine

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