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Love this article Jenni!! Made me laugh!


I have SOOOO done this where my cake literally cracked all the way in half, but it tasted DARN good, so it didn't matter : ) Cute post!


Oh darn, just postet a quite long comment and accidently clicked some wrong button... Argghh!

Okay, short version: LOVE ur funny post! Love the cake (it is quite vintage.. with a bit of 'patina') and good thing about 'not so well looking' baked goods: they taste anyways!!! Yummy!
It took me quite a while and plenty (!) of cakes to reach today's 'prettyness' of my cakes and cookies. So I know the feeling of them not turing out the way I want them to!

(Found your articel via BYW Forum. Looking forward to read some more from you!) Greets, Janina

Ashley @GirlyObsessions

Came over here from BYW! This post made me laugh!!! I love your banner on the cake as well!


I thought this was hilarious. I really enjoyed reading this. I think many of us can relate. Please keep writing more of your persoal experiences. You are such a delight!
Love you, Kathy


Jenni.........how I enjoyed the "cake" experience. You write so descriptively, I felt I was there cheering you on.

Thank you for sharing and making me laugh outloud.

Love you so much

Your happenin Grandma


LOL! Photoshop the whole darn cake!! Loved reading your post, Jenni!

Looking forward to the next one.

Susanne (your byw classmate)


You just had me laughing out loud Jenni.. Looooved this post and it is sooo recognizable! Truth be told, I bake a lot of cakes (partially for work too) but I've had my fair share of disasters happen, where either the cake broke apart before I could even put the icing on or worse. And while it's bad for taking a photo, imagine how bad it would be if you have to take that photo for a paying customer.. ;) But I actually think your cake looks pretty and if you hadn't mentioned that crack and the missing pieces I would never have known!

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